Foundation courses are available for progression to Under Graduate Programs in the universities, if the student does not meet the university entry criteria. Foundation and pathway programs are usually of 1 year study. There are, however, year one programs where the student will study the bridging program but will progress to the second year of the under graduate program.


These are 3 year or 4 year programs generally offered at Universities. 4 year programs are honours degree. The UG programs are post-secondary education that students choose depending on their interests and talent. Universities across the world offer programs in various streams of subjects and multiple options, from Arts to Nuclear Science. The spectrum of choice is immense and students can opt for the best program depending on the modules covered and future prospect.


Post-graduation Programs are educational programs pursued after obtaining an undergraduate degree. Post-graduation refers to higher education courses that follow a Bachelor's degree. Post-graduate programs focus on a specific field or subject. The programs are designed to provide in-depth knowledge, advanced skills, and expertise to students. These programs are usually one to two years of duration. Post-graduation helps students to advance their careers and increase their earning potential, and gain expertise in their chosen field. It can also provide opportunities for research, networking, and professional development.

PhD or Research Degree

A PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy, is the highest academic degree awarded by a university or college. It is a research-oriented degree that requires several years of study after a Master's degree.

PhD programs require students to conduct original research in a specific field and to write a dissertation based on their findings. The dissertation is a significant piece of scholarly work that makes an original contribution to the field and is reviewed by a committee of experts.

PhD programs can take anywhere from four to seven years to complete. It can lead to a career in academia, research, or industry, and can also provide individuals with valuable skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and research methodology.

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