There are 40 universities in Australia out of which 8 are in top 100 of the world. This speaks volumes of the quality of education and research in Australian Universities. Students prefer to study in Australia because of the high quality of education, standard of living and post study work opportunities.

Australian government supports international students in their journey to higher education in Australian Universities. As a pre requisite, students will require to have a student visa first. The Visa will depend on age, type of study, the duration of stay in Australia.

The tuition fees for international students to study Bachelors in Australia starts from $ 20000 and averages at $30000. The tuition fees for international students to study Masters in Business studies ranges from $25000 to $85000 and for students to study Masters in Engineering ranges from $35000 to $45000. The Australian Qualification Framework ensures the quality of education imparted in Australian Institutions.

Benefits of studying in Australia

8 of the top 100 Universities in the world are Australian

Australia is 9th in the University System Ranking

5 out of 30 best student cities in the world are in Australia

Australian institutions offer 22000 courses in 1100 institutions

Strong Alumni network all over the world, with around 2.5 million international Alumni.

Australia is now becoming a favourite destination for international students as Australia currently has immense opportunities across industries.

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